African Regional Training Centre Selected

The University of Ghana School of Public Health (UGSPH) in Legon, Accra, has been selected to be the African Regional Training Centre supported by TDR. This is the fifth centre in the TDR network, which are designed to expand and coordinate training courses across multiple countries, leading to improved use of health interventions.

The centre in Ghana will provide implementation research training and help pave the way for the establishment of satellite centres in east and southern Africa. UGSPH has experienced faculty and the necessary physical and technologic infrastructures, as well as regional and global partnerships to support research and project management training.

TDR site visit at University of Ghana School of Public Health.

TDR Director John Reeder visited the site as part of the review process. “This is an important addition to our network. We’re looking forward to working with the school of public health on this critical training that is needed for improving access to health care for remote and vulnerable communities.”

Professor Richard Adanu, Dean of the University of Ghana School of Public Health, said, “This is a great opportunity for the School to make meaningful contributions within the WHO African region. We are committed to advancing research and training as a key tool for controlling communicable and non-communicable diseases, alleviating poverty and promoting development in this region.” UGSPH was selected among 42 applications received from 16 different countries.

TDR is in the process of selecting a 6th and final centre for the Eastern Mediterranean region. All regional training centres are brought together for joint planning and sharing, and expected to provide training for each other as well as for university and other academic facilities throughout their regions.