Implementation Research Workshop for SPH Faculty

group picture IR Training

African Regional Training Centre supported by TDR-WHO in collaboration with the TDR Postgraduate Training Scheme organized a 3-day workshop for School of Public Faculty. This was the second of IR trainings organized for SPH faculty. The aim was to build capacity among faculty on Implementation Research.

This workshop took place at the Airport West Hotel from 16th to 18th January 2018. In attendance were faculty from all the various departments () at the School Facilitators for the workshop were: Dr. Phyllis Dako-Gyeke, Dr. Patricia Akweongo, Dr. Nana Ayegua Hagan Seneadza, Dr. Emmanuel Asampong, and Dr. Amos Laar.

At the opening of workshop, the Dean, Professor Richard Adanu mentioned in a brief address that implementation research in Africa and the world at large is becoming increasingly relevant as the world is moving towards era of addressing and providing solution to implementation bottlenecks. He also encouraged the faculty to keep up with the trends in research.

Modules were presented on Introduction, Methods Ethics in Implementation Research and Stakeholder Engagement.

Presentations were generally practical, well-structured and organized