Creating Interventions to Transition Long Lasting Insecticide Net Distribution in Ghana

Creating Interventions to Transition Long Lasting Insecticide Net Distribution in Ghana

P. Dako-Gyeke1; F. Glozah1 ; E. Asampong1; P. Tabong1; A. Nwameme1; M. Chandi2; N.Y Peprah2; P.B Adongo1

University of Ghana School of Public Health1; Ghana Health Service2


Introduction: Mass Long Lasting Insecticide Net (LLIN) distribution campaigns are rolled out, as a part of the Ghana Malaria Strategic plan (2021-2025) which seeks to protect at least 80% of the population at risk with effective malaria prevention interventions. Although the mass LLIN distribution campaign indicates a comprehensive stakeholder engagement approach, it does not systematically transition into the basic primary health care structures within the Ghana Health Services. This paper presents the process and outcome of creating an innovative social intervention, which focuses on community mobilization and capacity building of Community Health Officers.

Methods: This study employed a concurrent triangulation mixed methods approach conducted across six districts in the Eastern and Volta regions, Ghana. Findings were synthesized, grouped, and further distilled to guide the participatory co-creation workshops. Co-creation involved participatory learning in action technique which is a practical, adaptive research strategy that enabled diverse groups and individuals to learn, work and act together in a co-operative manner.

Results: The results suggest the establishment of a Community Health Advocacy Team (CHAT). This would be necessary in efforts aimed at transitioning LLIN distribution campaigns in communities. The role of the CHAT would be centred on key elements of community/social mobilisation and capacity building, all nested in a Social and Behaviour Change Communication strategies.

Conclusion: The research team is in the process of assessing the acceptability and feasibility of the CHAT intervention with all stakeholders in the various communities.


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