Ghana HIV and AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop

The HIV/AIDS pandemic  has been recognized as a socio-developmental challenge with an increasing global  effort to find a lasting solution to the menace. Ghana , in its effort to curb the occurrence of the menace , the Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) was established. GAC in fulfilling its mandate has implemented various measures and interventions over the years to avoid the disastrous consequences experienced by other countries in the West African sub-region where  HIV/AIDS pandemic has spread faster. In spite of all these interventions there are gaps in competencies for Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS professionals

It was against this backdrop that GAC realized the need to collaborate with School of Public Health-SPH and Morehouse School of Medicine-MSM) to develop an HIV/AIDS M&E workshop to strengthen competencies for M&E. The Ghana HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation (GHAME) workshop has been designed to build the capacity of professionals in that sector in Ghana and is jointly organized by the School of Public Health-University of Ghana (SPH) and Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC). The two-week workshop includes a combination of classroom and field work. This workshop  is scheduled for June and July every year at the School of Public Health and is designed for HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for focal Persons from Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations

The Workshop aims at:

  • Equiping participants with knowledge and skills in M&E and its application to HIV/AIDS Programmes/Projects
  • Assisting participants to develop individual workplan for their HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation activities.

The mode of training is a combination of the following;

  • Plenary Presentations
  • Discussions
  • Individual/Group Work/Field Work
  • Exercises/Case Studies
  • Lecturing

Pictures of this year's workshop held in June.