INVESTING IN HEALTH MAKES ECONOMIC SENSE - Economists’ Declaration on Universal Health Coverage


With the UN set to launch the bold sustainable development agenda this Friday in New York, this is a crucial moment for global leaders to reflect on the financial investments to maximise progress by 2030. As an input into deliberations around those investments, the signatories to this declaration, 267 economists from 44 countries led by Professor Lawrence Summers of Harvard University and including five Nobel Laureates, call on global policy makers to prioritise a pro-poor pathway to universal health coverage (UHC) as an essential pillar of development. Eight of these signatories are from the University of Ghana, three of whom are from School of Public Health.

Find below an advert which was published in the New York Times last week. The declaration itself was published in The Lancet last week. The Washington Post and Financial Times also carried excerpts from the declaration. Also below is the link to the full declaration.

New York Times Advert

Full Declaration