NYU-UG Research Integrity Training Program Fogarty International Center - NIH Call For Applications

We are pleased to announce that the New York University–University of Ghana Research Integrity Training Program (1-R25-TW-010886) is now accepting applications for open positions in the second cohort of its Fellowship Program in Research Integrity.  The Fellowship will begin in Spring 2020.   
The NYU-UG Research Integrity Training Program is a collaborative endeavor between 
NYU and UG, and is funded by the Fogarty International Center, U.S. National Institutes of 
Health.  The Principal Investigator is Arthur L. Caplan, PhD (Division of Medical Ethics, NYU 
School of Medicine).  The Co-Principal Investigators are Olugbenga Ogedegbe, MD 
(Department of Population Health, NYU School of Medicine; NYU College of Global Public Health), and Amos Laar, PhD, MPH, MA (UG School of Public Health).  The Program is designed to develop expertise related to research ethics, research integrity, and research governance in Ghana.  It consists of the development and implementation of a Fellowship Program in Research Integrity that will be offered to thirty researchers in cohorts of ten over the course of three years, and which will provide the foundation for establishing a sustainable Master’s Program in Bioethics at the UG School of Public Health. 
The Fellowship Program in Research Integrity will build research ethics and integrity capacity among a select group of Ghanaian researchers who have successfully completed doctoral-level training in medicine, professional degrees in law, master’s or doctoral degrees public health, nursing, the social sciences, or philosophy, or who are currently enrolled in doctoral programs in these areas.  The training will build on Fellows’ previous training in research methods and experience conducting research so that they may expand their understanding of the importance and relevance of research integrity in relation to their work.  Skills developed during the Fellowship will enable graduates to play leadership roles in multi-national research teams and research governance.   

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