The School of Public Health of the University of Ghana (UGSPH) in collaboration with University of Southampton UK, The Victoria Institute for Research on Environment and Development International (VIRED) and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology all in Kenya has won a grant to implement a three (3) year project titled: Expanding safe water and waste management service access to off-grid urban populations in Africa (WATER&WASTE PROJECT). In view of this, the project requires the services of a Research Assistant.


Project background

Vendors provide a key role in supplying urban off-grid populations, with consumption of bottled or bagged water, an industry growing in many developing countries. Whilst several studies show bottles and bags are usually free from faecal contamination, given that many off-grid urban populations lack solid waste disposal services, when people drink such water, there can be problems disposing of the plastic bags and bottles afterwards. The Water&Waste project is funded by the ESRC/DfID through the Global Challenges Research Fund and aims to deliver evidence on the different ways that people sell water to off-grid populations and the associated plastic waste management issues. As a Research Assistant in this multi-disciplinary, international research team, you will be expected to:

  1. Support the research components of the project
  2. Participate in selection and mapping out the project study sites
  3. Design, test and supervise field data collection
  4. Assist in collection, storage, analysis of data support and the development of simple codes or programs that can be used to automate data analysis.

 5. Contribute in short term to Water&Waste project activities and work packages as will be assigned. This will include but not limited to liaising between the project partners and stakeholders, supporting during training events and workshops, development and preparation of straightforward project reports etc.

  1. Working with the project’s stakeholder engagement groups to plan stakeholder workshops in project study communities as will be called upon

7.   Where possible to assist in possible dissemination and publication of research findings from the project.


Desired qualification and experience

The candidate must have a Masters degree (MPH, M.Sc, M.Phil) in any of the following disciplines; Public Health, Epidemiology, Environmental Science, Geography and Climate Science. Knowledge in GIS will be an added advantage. A proof of working experience with a similar previous multi-disciplinary project covering at least 2 years will equally be an added advantage.


The position is available from 1st October. 2020.

Interested applicants should submit an online application together with a current CV by 20th September 2020 to:

Mrs Josephine Amoah