WHO/TDR Regional Training Centre

The University of Ghana's School of Public Health's role as a WHO/TDR Regional Training Centre for Africa region is in accordance with the University’s aim of becoming a centre of excellence, effectively training a critical mass of researchers, especially in the area of health, who will become change agents in Ghana and Africa at large. This will contribute toward the development of a cadre of researchers competent in addressing implementation bottlenecks and promoting uptake of research findings. One of the immediate tasks of the Regional Training Centres is to develop and provide a basic training programme in Implementation Research.  The development of a short course on Principles of Implementation Research is currently being led by UGSPH. 

There are 6 Regional Training Centres in the TDR network, which is designed to expand and coordinate training courses across multiple countries, leading to improved use of health interventions. All regional training centres (RTCs) are brought together for joint planning and sharing, and expected to provide training for each other as well as for university and other academic facilities throughout their regions.