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In connection with the TDR Global Research Mentorship Contest which was launched in 2019, the TDR Global African Node has the pleasure to invite you to join our September webinar to outdoor the contest Finalist from the African region, who is also a Global Finalist (flyer attached).

The webinar will start with a talk about the essence of research mentorship and its associated opportunities. This will be followed by a presentation on processes involved in the 2019 TDR Global Research Mentorship contest. Finally, the African and Global Finalist in the contest will share her mentorship idea and implementation plans and updates. You will have the opportunity to ask questions directly or through the chat option. Alternatively, the webinar will be live on our Facebook page (TDR Global African Node), so you can kindly leave comments or ask questions. Please see the attached flyer.

Date: Wednesday 9th September, 2020.

Time: 10am GMT

Webinar link:

Webinar ID: 872 4551 1389


Prof. Joseph D. Tucker is an infectious diseases physician with a special interest in using public challenge contests to improve health. He is an Associate Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Director of UNC Project-China, and Chairman of SESH Global.

Prof. Weiming Tang (Chair of the Research Mentorship Contest Steering Committee), is a professor at Dermatology Hospital of Southern Medical University, Assistant Director, University of North Carolina Project-China and Director of SESH Global.

Dr. Nsisong Asanga: Africa and Global Finalist, TDR Global Research Mentorship Contest 2019. Dr. Asanga will present her research mentorship idea and outline implementation plans/update.


Dr. Franklin Glozah: Lead, TDR Global African Node








In 2019, TDR Global organized a Research Mentorship challenge contest to engage people in LMIC (Low Middle Income Countries) to generate practical ideas to improve research mentorship.

The challenge contest received 123 submissions from 40 countries globally. For the African Region, four contestants made it to the semi-finals stage: Dr. Henry Egharevba, Mr. Jonathan Suurbaar, Ms. Helen Habib and Dr. Nsisong Asanga.

At the end of the contest Dr. Nsisong Asanga emerged as the person with the best research mentorship idea from the African Region.

All semi-finalist were awarded certificates of participation while the finalist was awarded with a certificate, a plaque and a laptop computer.

Within the African Region, we shall engage all four finalist in our activities in the course of 2020, including webinars and presentations regarding the ideas submitted.



Dear TDR Global Africa Community,


Do you have practical ideas for enhancing research mentorship in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs)?


TDR Global and partners are organizing a challenge contest to engage people in LMIC to generate practical ideas to improve research mentorship. How can we enhance research mentorship within an institution, a region, or a network? What are things that mentors or mentees can do to drive forward research and learning? Exceptional ideas will be recognized by TDR Global and implemented at selected sites. More details about the contest are available here: 


The final deadline is December 15th, 2019.


If you have questions, email or





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The TDR Global Africa Node is once again pleased to invite you to our webinar series:

THEME: Crowdfunding for Health Research in Africa

DATE: Wednesday 15th June 2022

TIME: 10 am GMT

Public engagement involves communication and advocacy with the public over time, demanding a strong understanding of the local setting. It adds scientific, practical and ethical value across the lifespan of a research study and is a prerequisite for crowdfunding for health research. We define crowdfunding for research as the process of engaging large groups of people who make monetary and non-monetary contributions to a research project. Crowdfunding requires a creator passionate about the research, networks of potential supporters, and an organizer. For more information, see the TDR Public Engagement and Crowdfunding in Health Research practical guide

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(Overview of the TDR crowdfunding practical guide)

Prof. Joseph D. Tucker is an infectious diseases physician with a special interest in using public challenge contests to improve health. He is an Associate Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Director of UNC Project-China, and Chairman of SESH Global.


(Making the most of crowdfunding platforms)

Naomi is a communication professional with experience in the fundraising and health space. In her role with M-Changa, she delivers training on crowdfunding, works with partners to guide them through the process and helps grow awareness on online fundraising for organizations by equipping them with skills & knowledge for successful fundraising. 


(Institutional capacity to use a crowdfunding to raise funds for research)

Abena Engmann is a Research Fellow at the Medical and Scientific Research Centre of the University of Ghana Medical Centre, where she leads the Grants Administration team, providing both pre and post-award services as well as the Diaspora Unit which links medical professionals who have a desire to outreach or provide specialized medical services. Prior to that she was a Research Development Officer at the College of Health Sciences where she facilitated research within these schools and through this build a portfolio of funded research. The facilitation included assisting in proposal development, budgeting, project coordination, organizing and coordination of workshops, and training for faculty members.  Her research interests are in health Innovations.


(Opportunities and challenges in employing crowdfunding for tropical diseases research)

Umar is a Lecturer I with the Department of Biology, Kano University of Science and Technology. His research interests are in Schistosomiasis, Vector Biology, Immunoparasitology, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Malaria epidemiology, Medical Malacology, Sexually Transmitted Infections (Candida & Trichomoniasis), and Public Engagement and crowdfunding for Health Research. He was a Finalist in the TDR crowdfunding open call in 2019 and has since been successful in raising funds to undertake his research project through crowdfunding. Umar is currently a PhD Research Fellow at the Department of Zoology, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, and an Erasmus plus Mobility Researcher, Center for Bio Molecular Interactions, University of Bremen, Germany.

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